GMA SHRM Professional Development Summit

March 8, 2016
Alliant Energy Center


Session 1:  Why Avoiding Conflict May Be the Biggest Single Contributing Factor to Corporate Failures, and What To Do About It.


Session 2:  Deliberate Creativity: How to Innovate on Demand

Presented By:   Susan Thomson, CEO, Partner, ActionCOACH of Madison

  Presented by:  Amy Climer, Owner, Climer Consulting

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  Program Gold Partner Sponsor:


Session 1:  Why Avoiding Conflict May Be the Biggest Single Contributing Factor to Corporate Failures, and What To Do About It

Session 2:  Deliberate Creativity: How to Innovate on Demand

Conflict is a loaded word – one that strikes fear in the hearts of the most seasoned executives, and fatigue in the hearts of others.  We were taught that conflict is something that nice people don’t do, and nice companies don’t tolerate.  But what if “conflict” simply meant “the pursuit of the best answer?”  How would that change your perspective, and how would that transform your company?  Learn how to reframe the “conflict conversation” in your company and get people comfortable with choosing to enter into conflict when they need to.

We’ll explore 5 key areas:
1)            How to build trust in teams.
2)            Being in your “box” and how to get out.
3)            Tools to connect
4)            Conflict skill building
5)            De-railers
1)            Understand why people avoid conflict and the long term costs of doing so
2)            Learn how to build trust in teams
3)            Learn how to build healthy conflict skills and how to recover when trust has been violated.
If you want to be creative and you wait for inspiration to strike, you might be waiting a long time.  Artists, inventors, entrepreneurs and other highly creative people deliberately use creative strategies to help them be more innovative and implement change.  In this workshop, learn and practice the Creative Problem Solving process to generate new programs, products and processes that have saved and made millions of dollars.  During the workshop you can work on a real challenge from your organization and leave with dozens of ideas.  More importantly, you will learn the tools and techniques to repeat the process with your staff and bring out their creativity.  Learn to get creative when you need it and push your organization to the next level of innovation.

Learning Objectives
1)            Learn and experience the steps to the Creative Problem Solving process and how to apply them.
2)            Move beyond brainstorming and practice several ways to come up with new ideas.
3)            Learn how to decide if an idea is worth pursuing.
With 25 years of experience in consumer products and manufacturing, Susan Thomson brings a diverse background with small and mid market companies like Kapro Tools and Fiskars – excellent track record in growth and profitability, marketing, branding, product development, operations and cross-functional team performance.  An ActionCOACH licensed coach since 2007, Susan is ActionCOACH Global Top 100 performer, a President’s Club inductee and winner of two ActionMAN awards for business growth and culture. Amy Climer has a passion for guiding organizations, colleges and universities to build a culture of creativity and success. Since 1995, Amy has been teaching, facilitating and leading groups with a focus on experiential methods. She has worked with hundreds of groups teaching leadership and change, creativity, team development, and facilitation skills. She has been trained to lead the Creative Problem Solving process, is certified to facilitate the FourSight Thinking Profile, and coaches teams be more innovative. She has worked with leadership and outdoor programs at Fort Lewis College, University of Wisconsin-Madison, University of New Hampshire, and the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, as well as several private organizations and corporations.

Amy holds a master’s degree in outdoor education from the University of New Hampshire where she researched leadership training methods of students in college outdoor programs. She is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Leadership & Change at Antioch University. Her dissertation research involves developing a creativity assessment tool for teams.

Creative, open and inspiring, Amy Climer brings excitement and energy to every group she facilitates.  Her passion for teaching is transparent as she engages groups with relevant stories, content and activities that lead to growth and change.  With 20 years of experience, she has worked with hundreds of groups teaching facilitation, creativity and leadership skills.  She hosts the weekly podcast The Deliberate Creative (on iTunes) and researches creative synergy in teams.  

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