GMA SHRM Professional Development Summit

January 31, 2017
Alliant Energy Center


Session 1:  Managing Your Public Image in the Wake Of A Crisis


Session 2:  Lifesaving Tips When Facing an Armed Intruder or Active Shooter in Your Company 

Presented By:   Steve Lyons  -  Husch Blackwell, Public Affairs, Communications and Goverment Affairs Advisor

  Presented by:  Ted Hayes, CSP, MSE  -  M3 Insurance, Senior Risk Manager

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Session 1:  Managing Your Public Image in the Wake Of A Crisis

Session 2:  Lifesaving Tips When Facing an Armed Intruder or Active Shooter in Your Company 

Crises come in many ways. Crises such as data breaches, safety issues (employee injury, disgruntled employee), weather related (fire, flood, storm), business continuity (hostile takeover, product recall, supply chain issues), and a violent incident are just a few of the dozens of crises that today’s businesses may face. What can companies do today—before the crisis arrives?  This presentation takes a critical look at how to protect your organization’s public image in the wake of a crisis, including the basics of creating a crisis plan, communicating to various audiences (staff, Board, customers, media, etc.), things to avoid in a plan, and examples of successful and unsuccessful crisis communications attempts. 

Participants will learn:
  • Why one should have a Crisis Communications plan in place.
  • When a plan should be made.
  • The basics of a Crisis Communications plan.
Even though your chances of being involved in an active shooter situation are slim, armed intruders and active shooter situations are occurring with greater frequency every year. Are you and your company prepared?   This presentation will address 35 lifesaving tips when facing an armed intruder or active shooter in your company. Attendees will learn how to implement your personal 'ripple of safety,' how to lockdown and evacuate during a shooting crisis, and as a last resort, how to disarm a shooter.
Statistics indicate that a little more than 60% of active shooter situations are over within five (5) minutes – the shooter leaves the area, the shooter takes their own life (about 40%), or law enforcement/a prepared citizen neutralizes the situation.  Knowing exactly what to do during those few minutes may mean the difference between life and death for you, a coworker and many others in your building.
Simply stated, an active shooter seeks three factors:
  • Easy ‘targets of opportunity’
  • Little or no barricades or restrictions that will limit their movement
  • Little or no supervision or confrontation that will restrict or end their actions
Whether your company uses A.L.I.C.E, Run-Hide-Fight, Lockdown, Evacuation, or other employee crisis action protocols, it is critical to comprehend how to place as many ‘roadblocks’ as possible between yourself and the intruder/shooter to increase your chances of surviving an active shooter event.
Honestly ask yourself, is everyone in your company prepared to deal with an armed intruder or an active shooter?  This program will address proven lifesaving ideas that should be shared with everyone within your organization.

Participants will learn:
  • 35 lifesaving tips when facing an armed intruder or active shooter in your company
  • How to implement your personal 'ripple of safety
  • How to lockdown and evacuate during a shooting crisisHow to disarm a shooter.
Steve has over 20 years of experience in government affairs, communications and public relations, including eight years as the Chief Policy Advisor to Wisconsin State Sen. Scott Fitzgerald.
Steve has served as:
  • Deputy Chief of Staff to the Governor of Wisconsin
  • Chief Policy Advisor to a State Senator (currently Senate Majority Leader)
  • Chief of Staff to a Republican Assembly Minority Leader
  • Assistant Deputy Secretary to a Cabinet Secretary
  • In-house expert on redistricting for the Wisconsin Assembly Republican Caucus
  • Clerk of the Senate Committee on Economic Development, Commerce, and Financial Institutions
Steve is an experienced strategic communication and political tactician with experience in the implementation of legislative agendas for corporate and business clients. He has successfully led numerous government relations, communications, public relations, grass-roots and media campaigns. He has orchestrated broad support for positions for business and nonbusiness clients, with experience in the messaging and branding proposals. Steve has also crafted and implemented successful outreach campaigns and worked with many of the most powerful and influential elected officials and media sources today.
As an example of his national experience, Steve served as the spokesperson for the family of the victim in the "Slender Man" case. He concluded more than 250 interviews with international, national and Wisconsin media, including interviews with the "BBC," "Good Morning America," CNN and ABC World News. Steve also serves as the spokesperson for several entities including corporations, associations, and individuals.
Ted Hayes consults with businesses, school districts, and municipalities throughout Wisconsin to develop safety programs and risk management strategies. For over 29 years, Ted has served as a security and safety consultant to clients in Wisconsin and throughout the United States.  In 2001, Hayes and Waukesha County (WI) Sheriff Bill Kruziki authored the book, "Not In MY Company! A Pro-Active Guide to Company Violence Prevention" and in November, 2014, Ted authored his second book, "If it's Predictable, It's Preventable – More than 2,000 Ways to Improve the Safety and Security in Your School."
During the fall of 1998, Hayes was a featured presenter at the Wisconsin School Safety Summit hosted by Attorney General James Doyle.  Additionally, Ted has been a featured speaker for the:
  • National Sheriffs Association
  • National Association of Pupil Transportation
  • Kansas Dare Officers Association
  • Law Enforcement Training Network
  • Wisconsin Attorney Generals Conference
  • Wisconsin Company Counselors Association
  • Wisconsin Association of School Boards
  • Wisconsin Association of School Business Officials
In 2014, Hayes was chosen to the ‘hot 100’ list by Insurance Business in America.   Ted currently serves on the board of directors of the Wisconsin Association of School Business Officials (WASBO) and is a member of the WASBO Safety and Risk Management Committee. He also continues to author articles on school safety, security, and violence prevention.  Ted can be contacted at<>.

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