GMA SHRM Professional Development Summit

September 17, 2019
Alliant Energy Center


Session 1:  Facing Unconscious Bias in the Hiring Process


Session 2:  Building a Truly Inclusive Workplace   

Presented By:   
Tania Ibarra, Board Chair, Latino Professionals Association
Amy Kesling, Business Development Manager, Amanda White Consulting

  Presented by: 
Doug Rozak, Goodwill of South Central Wisconsin

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Session 1

Before we can start stepping up to make our workplace inclusive for all demographics, we need to step inside. Understanding how we think and perceive the world is an important first step in appreciating diversity and creating inclusive workplaces. Through interactive activities and conversations, participants will explore how inner biases in the workplace can affect the hiring process, from recruiting to interviewing to on-boarding. We’ll work together in this workshop to identify biases in job descriptions and interview questions and processes.

Participants will learn:
  • Understand how biases are formed
  • Discover how biases affect decisions at multiple points in the talent management cycle
  • Practice reframing biases to create a more inclusive workplace

Session 2

With unemployment at low rates throughout Wisconsin, employers are looking at alternatives to the traditional workforce.  One of the ways that HR professionals can address this challenge, while increasing the diversity of their workforce, is to evaluate roles and responsibilities and consider if employing a person with intellectual and developmental disabilities in a customized role, or a carved job, is right for some work. This poses opportunities to employers and employees alike. What will it be like to work with someone with a disability? What will it be like to manage someone with a disability? How can I ensure people with disabilities are part of the team? How do I make sure we are getting real, meaningful work done? We’ll answer these questions as well as how to identify work that is suitable for someone with a intellectual/ cognitive disability and how to get started. 

Participants will learn:
  • How to evaluate if hiring people with intellectual and / or developmental disabilities (IDD) is right for your workplace.
  • What to expect from your support partners and agencies when working with people with IDD.
  • Tips and actions for creating a truly inclusive workplace.
  • Advantages of hiring people with IDD.
Tania Ibarra
Amy Kesling
Tania and Amy are cofounders of Step Up: Equity Matters, an initiative of the Latino Professionals Association that provides workshops and trainings for businesses and organizations that want to build a more inclusive and equitable culture.

Through the lens of unconscious bias, Step Up dives into all aspects of the talent management cycle, from recruiting and hiring to mentoring and promotion.  

Doug Rozak began his journey with Goodwill SCWI 7.5 years ago in the retail division. During his time as Store Manager, he supported the Goodwill mission by employing 5-7 individuals with disabilities in each store he managed. As a trainer and project manager, his role was to train others on Goodwill mission programs. In his current role as an Employment Specialist, he is able to broaden that focus and find meaningful work for individuals with developmental disabilities within partner employer sites throughout Madison. 
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