• Pay It Forward Membership Policy

What is Pay It Forward Membership?
GMA SHRM provides unemployed members a one-time opportunity to extend their membership for up to one year – at no cost. In addition, recent graduates without a HR position are eligible to apply for a one-time annual membership – at no cost. To be eligible, recent graduates should have graduated no earlier than 2010 and provide proof of graduation.

GMA SHRM believes this continued affiliation to our loyal members and recent graduates will help them to stay current on the issues impacting the HR profession and provide them with the needed resources to assist them in their job search.

Who qualifies for Pay It Forward Membership?
Pay It Forward Membership is open to:

  • Current and former members whose membership would have expired no earlier than 2008. A member must be unemployed at the time he or she applies for Pay It Forward Membership.
  • Recent graduates who graduated no earlier than 2010.
  • Student Members do not qualify.

What benefits are included with a Pay It Forward Membership?
All GMA SHRM membership fees are free for up to one year. (Event registration and sponsorship fees are not included.)
Benefits include:

  • Full access to GMA SHRM online (www.GMASHRM.org)
  • Access to HR jobs
  • Access to HR Toolbox, Member Welcome & Orientation and many networking opportunities at member rates
  • GMA SHRM monthly newsletter
  • GMA SHRM weekly email blasts
  • Volunteer opportunities

Process, Terms and Rules:

  • Requests for inclusion in the Pay It Forward membership program can be made by completing and returning the Pay It Forward Membership Request Form.  Recent graduates must provide proof of graduation (i.e, copy of official transcript, diploma).
  • In lieu of their annual dues, members are required to volunteer a total of 10 hours OR refer one new member to GMASHRM. Committee meeting hours and attendance at GMA SHRM sponsored events do not count towards volunteer hours.
  • Members can “pay it forward” by volunteering to provide HR education to the Wisconsin Women’s Business Initiative Corporation (WWBIC). The HR curriculum has been developed and prepared by the GMA SHRM Workforce Readiness and Diversity Committee. Volunteers only need to assist in presenting the information in a 90-minute session delivered on a quarterly basis.
  • Members can also “pay it forward” through other chapter volunteer opportunities. Click here to view Volunteer Opportunities.
  • Volunteer hours will be submitted to the volunteer coordinator on the Membership Committee.
  • The contact on the Membership Committee should be notified immediately if the member becomes employed.

Important note:
Pay It Forward Membership is available to members ONE TIME ONLY and will not begin until GMA SHRM receives and processes the application form. Members will be notified when the membership has been approved and reactivated. Membership identification numbers and passwords will remain the same.


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