GMA SHRM HR Roundtable

Mindfulness at Work

Wednesday, August 6, 2014
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Roundtables are no cost, smaller and less formal meetings for GMA SHRM members only.

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3113 West Beltline Highway
Madison, WI 53713-2830

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Facilitated by Mark Blumenfeld

Presentation Description

Are you bombarded by emails, phone calls and social media? Do you feel overwhelmed and distracted more often than you feel calm and productive?  Cultivating a formal, personal mindfulness practice has been well documented to increase mental focus and concentration, promote clarity of thinking, increase learning capacity and memory and enhance a sense of overall well-being.   Mindfulness programs at companies as diverse as General Mills, Apple and Google have received praise for helping employees manage stress more effectively and for promoting better communication in the workplace. 

The roundtable will include:
• What is Mindfulness Training, and where does it come from?
• The science behind Mindfulness Training
• Instruction in Mindfulness Practices
• Mindfulness and Communication
• Discussion – Mindfulness and the workplace


Our Facilitator

Mark Blumenfeld is an authorized meditation instructor and teacher for Shambhala International, a global community of over 200 meditation centers.  He was appointed as the Senior Teacher to the Madison Shambhala Center in 2013.   Mark has taught programs in meditation, mindfulness, Buddhism and Shambhala for over twenty years. He is currently teaching the Way of Shambhala, a series of courses that focuses on deepening a regular meditation practice and cultivating and extending basic human goodness into everyday life.   He is married to Dr. Lora Wiggins, has three grown children and has had a successful career in business consulting and technology management.


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