GMA SHRM Strategic Plan 2020-2021

Volunteer leaders of the Greater Madison Area Society of Human Resource Management meet every January to develop astrategic plan for the upcoming fiscal year. As current goals are accomplished, they will move from the Strategic Plan andplaced under the Operations Calendar if appropriate. Each year, we will determine three major areas of focus. Each initiativewill have tactical goals/tasks we wish to accomplish in each fiscal year. We will discuss our strategic initiatives on a regular basisas part of our Board meetings to ensure we are staying on track and make updates or changes to the plan.

Each goal has a Board Sponsor and also a Goal Champion. This is an individual who has a history with the goal or is passionateabout its success. The idea is to use the passion of the Goal Champion to bring strength and commitment to the strategicinitiative as well as their volunteerism into the chapter. The Board Sponsor is responsible for being the liaison between thechampion and the BOD to ensure the goal is being accomplished.

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