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Alliant Energy Center

1919 Alliant Energy Center Way
Madison, WI 53713

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UnManagement - The Inconvenient Truth
About Innovation

Presented by: - Jason Lauritsen, Quantum Workplace

Wednesday, September 17, 2014
Alliant Energy Center
Madison, WI


Presentation Description

Your organization is probably talking about innovation. You may even be investing in programs and initiatives with the aim to create more innovation. There is no doubt regarding its importance. Innovation is survival. But, is it actually happening? In this provocative session, you will gain a deeper understanding of innovation and discover many common misconceptions about how it works. You will confront the inconvenient truth that much of modern management practice is anti-innovation and that innovation begins with culture. You will learn that leading successfully in an environment of constant change that demands innovation requires new thinking and a different approach. 

Attendees will be able to:

  • Gain a more complete understanding of innovation, how it happens and what obstacles commonly prevent it.
  • Discover why the true opportunity for unleashing innovation lies within your culture, not in more management process.
  • Learn how to foster innovation as a leader by cultivating connection, inclusion and liberation within your organization.

Our Presenter

Jason Lauritsen with Quantum Workplace.

Jason Lauritsen with Quantum Workplace and also co-founder and keynote speaker with Talent Anarchy, has been described as “a corporate executive gone rogue.” For nearly a decade, he spent his days as a corporate Human Resources leader, where he developed a reputation for driving business results through talent.

Today, Jason’s quest is to identify, recognize, and support awesome workplaces as the Director of Best Places to Work for Quantum Workplace. Classically impatient, curious and ambitious, Jason’s early career was a rapid progression of sales and management roles including launching, leading, and ultimately selling a small business in his mid-twenties. He’s a leader, sales guy, entrepreneur, and corporate executive all rolled up into one.


The Path to Innovation Runs through HR

Innovation has definitely become the buzzword of the day.  Everyone is talking about it.  It’s on billboards, in TV commercials and it’s certainly getting tossed around the boardroom table a bunch.  Every leader feels the need to innovate to keep up with changing customers, disruptive technology, and upstart competitors.  The prevailing sense seems to be that to survive, our organizations must learn how to innovate. 

Innovate or die. 

As you nod your head, I pose this question to you.  If innovation is so critical to our business, why are most of us so bad at it?  For all the talk of innovation, the examples of organizations who are doing it really well are few and far between. 

It’s not from a lack of effort or desire.  Depending on the size of your organization, you may have people on the payroll whose job title includes innovation.  Or maybe you have committees dedicated to it.   We read about, get trained on it, and yet, true innovation seems elusive. 

The reason can be traced back to our dependence on the practice of management.  Traditional management practice is extremely effective for driving efficiency and throughput.  It favors consistency, reliability and homogeny.  Management has been very good to us over the years, but there’s a problem. 

Management is inherently anti-innovation.

Innovation depends on the very things that management is designed to reduce and eliminate.  Innovation requires the messiness of exploration, trial and error, and the serendipity that is only possible when we have time to connect with our peers.  
Our organizations will continue to struggle with innovation until we begin to take active measures to counter-balance our reliance upon management by shaping a culture designed to fuel innovation. 

And, while not too many leaders are hunting for the answer to their innovation problems within the HR department, they should be.  Culture is our business in HR.  Equipped with the right mindset and tools, HR may be holding the key to sustainable innovation. 

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