GMA SHRM Professional Development Summit

March 21, 2017
Alliant Energy Center


Session 1:  Tech Hack for Your HR Toolbelt: Solutions to Save Time and Increase Productivity


Session 2:  The Myths of Engaging and Retaining Millennials

Presented By:   Megan Watt, Dream Catalyst Labs

  Presented by:  Sarah Young, Zing Collaborative

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  Program Gold Partner Sponsor:


Session 1:  Tech Hack for Your HR Toolbelt: Solutions to Save Time and Increase Productivity

Session 2:  The Myths of Engaging and Retaining Millennials 

Join us as we highlight apps and tech tools designed to help you leverage technology to engage younger employees, save time and become more productive. This is NOT your typical time management or productivity workshop. We will cover tools and tactics that will make you a more efficient individual contributor, as well as maximize your teams’ productivity and effectiveness, and how to integrate them across your different devices (smartphone, tablet, computer & more).
Megan is a self-proclaimed tech geek and is constantly looking for ways to do things faster, easier, and better. Join us as she shares her favorite tools like Evernote,, Calendly, and Hootsuite – just to name a few! She guarantees that you or your teams’ inbox size will decrease and productivity will increase by implementing even one or two of the many resources she shares. 

Participants will leave energized and inspired to help their teams take action, specifically they will have more…
  • Strategies to engage their younger employees by leveraging technology they want to be using in their work
  • Time, thanks to free and easy-to-use tools that remove redundancy
  • Joy & less stress because they are able to be more productive
There is so much information out there currently on “how to engage millennials,” “how to retain millennials,” and “what millennials want.” Unfortunately, when we generalize people in this way (using a term that is now a decade old, and for a group of people spanning 20 years), we often miss the point of what we are trying to do in the first place. The key to engagement, retention, positive culture, and high-performing people starts with the individual.  In this session, we’ll explore specifically how to talk with millennials, and stop talking about them.

Participants will:
  • Explore the challenges with common ‘solutions’ to how to engage and retain millennials
  • Understand core drivers for engagement and retention of great people
  • Leave with specific, actionable solutions to apply within your organization to increase engagement  
Megan Watt is a highly sought after speaker, author, career coach, and facilitator who brings an innovative approach to her work. She speaks to audiences such as AT&T, American Family Insurance, and the University of Wisconsin-Madison on the impact of strengths and the Power of Connection in the pursuit of your goals. Her book, Discover. Act. Engage is a 60-Day Catalyst Guide to accomplishing your Someday Goals.

Megan is a member of Forbes Coaches Council, an invitation-only community for top business and career coaches, and has been recognized by the Urban League as a Trailblazer. She’s taught career & leadership development at 3 Big Ten universities, and served as the VP of Innovation & Strategy for a local startup increasing sales by 300% in 6 months. Megan is a lover of fun facts… quiz her later if you want! A fun fact about her is that she’s ridden the world’s largest skateboard while working for ESPN’s X Games. Megan currently serves as the Chief Dream Maker of Dream Catalyst Labs based in Madison, WI, where the mission is to inspire others to think big, and tenaciously go after those Someday Goals today!
Sarah Young is incredibly grateful to call herself the Chief Impact Catalyst, Career Makeover Maven & Leadership Coach at Zing Collaborative. A friend once described Sarah's approach as "having one foot in Silicon Valley and the other foot in this other...spiritual, mystical place." She combines experience from several executive level roles in the corporate world, intensive coaching and leadership training, entrepreneurship, mindfulness, nature, and intuition for an approach that's fresh, relevant, unique, and results-focused. She is consistently ranked a top instructor and speaker for courses she teaches and keynotes she delivers, and is honored to with incredible clients in various parts of the world. When she's not with clients or working on new projects, she's usually somewhere in nature, experimenting in the kitchen, eating dessert, thinking about dessert, or hanging out with her 2-legged and 4-legged companions. 

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