GMA SHRM Professional Development Summit

September 15, 2020
Virtual Event


Session 1:  Emotional Intelligence: Planning for Emotions


Session 2:  Building Organizational Change Agility – HR’s Role in Successfully Leading People Through Change

Presented By:  Roger Wolkoff
  Presented by:  Rachel Breitbach, FarWell
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Session 1

Emotions get us every time. We all feel emotion. It’s what we do after we experience them that defines us. Learn about self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management. Emotional intelligence is a critical factor in moving you, your company, and your life forward.
Emotional intelligence is a skill and practice that promises to have a positive influence in your life and attitude! You will learn the value emotional intelligence brings to the way you approach your work and approach difficult conversations with employees.

You will see and experience a variety of strategies you can employ to develop positive working relationships with your coworkers. The program will be interactive with question/answer, activities, self-work and idea sharing. You will document and practice one strategy you want to put into practice.

Participants will learn to:   
  • Define emotional intelligence and explain its value in work and team performance.
  • Identify which of the four areas (self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management) you excel and opportunities to improve after taking and scoring a self-assessment.
  • Integrate emotional intelligence strategies develop a personal awareness and change plan.

Session 2

As global competition continues to intensify and emerging technologies boom at ever-increasing speeds, organizations are faced with the need to change on an almost constant basis. To keep up with the pace of change and remain relevant and competitive, organizational leaders acknowledge the importance of responding rapidly. This concern is known as “organizational agility.”  

To achieve organizational agility, leaders must boost their change leadership capabilities to help their teams more readily adopt the changes. Human Resources is in a unique position to coach and develop leaders as they face these daily challenges. This session will provide proven change management techniques as well as several tools that human resources professionals can immediately implement within their organizations to help leaders proactively address the people side of change and avoid the pitfalls that cause so many change initiatives to fail. 

Participants will learn:
  • The fundamentals of change management through a simple framework.
  • Techniques to develop change leadership capability within your organization’s leaders to proactively address the “people side” of change.
  • Obtain a ready-to-use plan and tools for introducing the concept of change management to your HR team and implementing this new capability within your organization.
Roger is a motivational speaker who helps you tap into your strengths and potential so you can get out of your way and get more done. He speaks about the power of connecting, gratitude, and appreciation. Roger’s programs are high content and motivational in style and tone. He delivers stories, ideas, and keys to unlock what’s already inside you. Roger has over 20 years of expert interpersonal communication and team-building experience.
Roger is an expert in emotional intelligence, communication, and building positive relationships.
Roger lives in Madison, Wisconsin with his wife Anne. He loves to travel, bike, and read science fiction. He is a big fan of baseball, pinball, and all things Tesla electric cars.  

Rachel Breitbach is the Change Practice Lead at FarWell. Rachel has over 25 years of experience delivering complex global transformation initiatives. She has expertise in multiple disciplines - change management, human resources, project management, strategic planning, operations, and business transformation – and has worked in numerous industries. Rachel has coached leaders to improve employee engagement and help them increase their ability to adopt change. She enjoys watching her daughters play sports, volunteering, playing tennis, and eating chocolate whenever possible!
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