GMA SHRM Professional Development†Summit

March 21, 2023

Alliant Energy Center


Session†1† † 8:00-10:00
The Culture of Kindness Ė How Kindness Leads to Success In Retention

Session†2† † †10:15-12:15††

Pay Transparency: What It Is and How To Do It Right

Presented By:†Cindy Rowe Presented by:† Jenna Bidwell

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Partner Sponsor:†

Session 1

Did you realize that science has proven that doing kind acts for others makes us happier? And happier employees are 12% more productive? In today's workplace climate, it's important to have the competitive edge with current staff and future employees. A key differentiator to your organization could be kindness. Being seen and valued as a strategic and compassionate leader using kindness as a new leadership approach will impact the bottom line and improve the workplace culture.

Participants will learn:††

  • Identify the importance of creating a culture focused on kindness
  • Incorporate standards that focus on the human element of the workplace
  • Create an action plan to impact bottom line
  • Set clear expectations that move the needle towards a kinder environment

Session 2

The workforce of today is demanding more transparency around pay than ever before.† Organizations need to understand their compensation philosophy and implement strategies to effectively communicate it.† Explore challenging questions for the organizationís top leadership to consider and how to navigate when these decisions impact the organizationís ability to highly (or competitively) compensate staff in this interactive discussion.† Discover ways to make small steps towards a more transparent pay system and remove doublt from your employees.

Participants will learn:
  • To define their organizationís compensation philosophy.
  • To identify different levels of pay transparency and understand what is most appropriate for your organization.
  • To explore new ways of communicating compensation in a more effective and meaningful way.

†Chief Marketing Rockstar of Cindy Rowe Marketing & Founder/CEO of Be Kind Crew, Cindy Rowe, is an inspiring Keynote Speaker and passionate entrepreneur.
Cindy has a degree in Marketing from the University of Wisconsin-Platteville and holds various certifications. She spent 20+ years in the corporate environment, holding various leadership positions before branching out on her own to start a marketing company. She serves on several boards where she volunteers her time and talents to further the organizations mission. Her vast experience leverages her to offer a perspective many audiences understand and appreciate.
She resides in Northern Illinois with new found love and husband, her children and blended family as well as two crazy, but sweet pups. She continues to build her marketing company that serves entrepreneurs and small business owners.†

Jenna Bidwell has 15 years of human resources experience with 8 years consulting with clients in the areas of compensation and the employee experience.† Jenna leads the Carlson Dettmann Consulting education sector team primarily supporting education institutions in the upper Midwest.† She received a bachelorís degre from the Wisconsin School of Business with an emphasis in management and human resources.† Jenna has her senior professional certification through the Society for Human Resource Management, as well ,as a strengthís coacing certification from Gallup.†
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  • Session 2†
10:15am to 12:15pm

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