The 2023 GMA SHRM Compensation Survey

The 2023 Greater Madison Area SHRM Compensation Survey is now available for purchase!


The results of the 2023 GMA SHRM Compensation Survey are now available.    The survey provides base salary, bonus, total cash, salary ranges and HR policy data for over 150 general positions. That makes the 2023 survey one of the most relevant and reliable sources of general industry compensation data available for the state of Wisconsin. 

If you would like to order the survey, please contact Thomas Cummins at

Wisconsin Specific Survey Results
Participant Pricing
Wisconsin specific results are available in Excel for $150 for GMA SHRM participating members.
Non-Participant Pricing
Wisconsin specific results are available in Excel for $300 for GMA SHRM members who did not participate in the survey
If you would like to order the survey, please contact Thomas Cummins at



Upper Midwest Regional and National Results

These results come are provided in Excel and via an online custom cut tool. The Upper Midwest/National results contain all of the compensation data cuts found in the PDF along with additional size, industry, and region and state data cuts. It also includes the individual incumbent data in additional to the organizational data found in the PDF. The online custom cut tool allows users to build their own data cuts for any job in the survey. 

Participant Pricing
The cost for participants is based on the organization’s revenue size and profit classification:
  • Under $200M and Nonprofits - $375
  • $200M to $499M - $650
  • $500M to $999M - $850
  • $1 Billion or more - $1,150
Non-Participant Pricing

The cost for non-participants is based on the organization’s revenue size and profit classification:
  • Under $200M and Nonprofits - $600
  • $200M to $499M - $1,025
  • $500M to $999M - $1,325
  • $1 Billion or more - $1,875
If you would like to order the survey, please contact Thomas Cummins at




2023 Survey Participitation Information

Competition for employees across all industries is at an all-time high, leading to rapidly escalating salaries. The GMA SHRM Compensation Survey provides up-to-date local, regional and national benchmarks to help you get a better handle on this challenging labor market.  Conducted by Gallagher Surveys, this general industry survey collects base salary, bonuses, total cash, salary ranges and HR policy data for more than 150 jobs common across all industries.

Why your company should participate:
  • Participating GMA SHRM member companies can purchase the final Wisconsin and Madison survey results for $150 vs $300.
  • Receive a complimentary copy of Gallagher’s National Compensation Survey which includes national, regional and high-level industry data for every position. You can view a sample of the complimentary 2022 National Compensation Survey report by clicking here.  This is a $475 value!
  • Save $100 on the full report Full Twin Cities/Upper Midwest Report.

How to Participate:
  • Click here to enter your contact information and request Gallagher's data questionnaire.
  • Watch your inbox for an email with link to download data questionnaire.  Email will come from "Greater Madison Area SHRM, Inc."
Download and complete the questionnaire to get the data you need to confidently plan for 2024.
Deadline to submit is August 18th.

Deadline Extended to September 8, 2023!
Pricing:  Results expected first week of October.
Madison Region Specific Results:  (GMA SHRM Membership required to purchase this report.) 
This Excel report will contain numerous size and regional data cuts for the Madison region and the state of Wisconsin. 
  • GMA SHRM Member Participants - $150   Participating  GMA SHRM Members will also have the option to purchase access to both Midwest and National results (allowing custom data cuts). 
  • GMA SHRM Member Non-participant - $300
Full Twin Cities/Upper Midwest Report:  includes the full set of results for the region (ND, SD, IA, MN and WI).  The full results come in three formats; PDF, Excel and the online custom cut tool which allows users to build custom cuts based on the full set of national data.  ​
  • ​​​​​​Pricing for the full report is based on an organization’s revenue and varies from $475 to $1,250.

All submissions are kept fully confidential and only aggregated results are reported in compliance with Justice Department Guidelines. 

The deadline to submit your survey is August 18th. If you need assistance or have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Deadline Extended to September 8, 2023!
Dillon Kenny
Survey Analyst
Gallagher Research & Insights

Thomas Cummins, CCP
Managing Director
Gallagher Research & Insights

Download and complete the questionnaire to get the data you need to confidently plan for 2024.
Deadline to submit is August 18th.



2021 Survey Pricing

Organization Size by FTE Participant Cost Non-Participant Cost
Under 100 FTEs $200 $400
100 to 500 FTEs $300 $600
500 or more FTEs $400 $800

The results are delivered in both PDF and Excel formats. 
Optional Upper Midwest, National and Online Reports   -  Optional access to Gallagher's Upper Midwest and National general industry compensation surveys.  This option provides the results of both surveys via an online custom cut tool that can be used to make unlimited custom cuts of the local, regional and national compensation data.  The optional online reporting tool costs an additional $250.

How to Order

If you would like to order a copy of the report, please send the request along with your organization’s billing information to Thomas Cummins at Gallagher Surveys (

Important Survey Information

Gallagher ensures that all specific data collected from survey participants remains strictly confidential. Individual organization names may appear in the participant lists but no correlation to their data will be provided. Reported salary data are not listed when the number of organizations reporting is less than five.

The intent of this Survey is to provide general information regarding current practice within the employee compensation environment. The data does not constitute recommendations or other advice regarding employee compensation programs, and the user is in no way obligated to accept or implement any information for use within their organization(s). The decision to utilize any information provided rests solely with the user, and application of the data contained does not guarantee compliance with applicable laws or regulations regarding employee benefits.

Information provided by Survey, even if generally applicable, cannot possibly take into account all of the various factors that may affect a specific individual or situation. Additionally, practices described within the survey should not be construed as, nor is it intended to provide, accounting, consulting, investment, insurance, legal, tax or any other type of professional advice.

Gallagher does not warrant the accuracy of the contents and may make changes to the content at any time. Gallagher assumes no responsibility of any kind, oral or written, express or implied, including but not limited to fitness for a particular purpose, accuracy, omissions and completeness of information. Gallagher shall in no event whatsoever be liable to licensee or any other party for any indirect, special, consequential, incidental, or similar damages, including damages for lost data or economic loss, even if Gallagher has been notified of the possibility of such loss. For the purposes of this section the term “Gallagher” shall be construed so as to include Gallagher Surveys as a marketing division and/or Gallagher Benefit Services, Inc. and its affiliates.



Previous Survey Data


The 2019 GMA SHRM Compensation Survey

2019 Compensation Survey Pricing
and Purchasing 

  • Participant              $ 300
  • Non-Participant      $ 600

How to Order:
  • Contact Nancy Milligan at Gallagher surveys to place your survey order.
Survey Questions:
  • Contact the GMA SHRM Director of Compensation Survey Rachel Martin.
Local compensation data is hard to find and the GMA SHRM Compensation survey is a great resource! 

Losing a key employee over compensation can be expensive (recruiting costs, training a new employee, etc.) and so can over paying employees.  The new GMA SHRM Compensation Survey Report provides local compensation data related to Base Pay, Total Cash Compensation, as well as Salary Range Information.  It also includes information regarding Pay Practices of participating organizations 

About the 2019 GMA SHRM Compensation Survey
  • 55 participating organizations in the GMA SHRM membership area.  Click here to view the survey information page and view the participant list.
  • 218 exempt and non-exempt jobs included.  Click here to view the survey information page and view the list of jobs from the survey.  We do have a report out of 70% of these benchmarks.
  • The GMA SHRM Compensation survey includes local data on the following executive jobs: Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Financial Officer, and Chief Information Officer.
  • Within the reporting site, data can be stratified by: All Participants, Type of Industry, Number of FTEs and Type of Ownership (where available).
Participation by industry: