GMA SHRM Professional Development Summit

August 20, 2024

Alliant Energy Center

1919 Alliant Energy Way
Madison, WI


Session 1    8:00-10:00

Throw a Trust Party! How to Scale Trust to Maximize Belonging & Results


Session 2     10:15-12:00  

Addressing the Employee Well-being Crisis Post-Pandemic and Beyond 

Presented by: Leah Roe, The Perk   Presented By: Shana LaFore, Madison College

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Session 1

Research shows that a lack of trust affects your bottom line more than anything else. High-trust organizations have higher levels of productivity, innovation, employee engagement, retention, revenue, customer satisfaction, & loyalty. But trust isn’t something that magically appears & remains until one day it mysteriously vanishes. Trust doesn’t happen by default, it happens by design. Behaviors build & break trust. And trust is a set of learned behaviors. In this high-energy & high-impact session, you'll learn why high-trust teams are higher performing, & the 5 Core Behaviors that powerfully & effectively build trust on teams. You’ll learn how to apply these 5 Behaviors to scale trust throughout your entire organization. You’ll walk away equipped with strengthened confidence & new tools that you can easily implement right away. Get ready to level up your skills, positively transform your culture, & confidently drive business results!

Participants will:
  • Understand HR’s role as a facilitator in building a diverse and inclusive organizational culture.
  • Make the leap from "being inclusive" to "practicing inclusion" through the power of dialogue.
  • Learn facilitation tools HR can use to spark meaningful conversation between diverse employee groups.



Session 2

Mental health includes our emotional, psychological, and social well-being. It affects how we think, feel, and act personally and professionally. It also helps determine how we handle stress, relate to others, and make healthy choices. According to the National Council for Mental Wellbeing, one in five Americans experience a mental health disorder in a single year, half of all Americans will experience a mental illness during the course of their lifetime and approximately 40% of employees with a mental illness take time off because of it. Mental illnesses are a leading cause of disability worldwide and the impact of depression and anxiety costs the global economy nearly a trillion dollars per year in lost productivity. Studies have found that those who were trained, even minimally, in mental health and well-being support have greater confidence in providing help to others, a greater likelihood of advising people how to seek professional help, and decreased stigmatizing attitudes. In this session, you'll learn to identify, understand, and respond to signs of mental or emotional distress, strategies to manage challenging situations, and ways to build mental health and emotional well-being literacy.

Participants will learn:

  • Mental Health issues in the USA
  • The Mental Health First Aid Action Plan
  • How to interact with a person in crisis and connecting them with help

Leah is a Certified Leadership Coach (CPCC & PCC), Organizational Trust Expert, Culture Consultant, & Outsourced Chief People & Culture Officer. As a Coach, I celebrate leaders for who they are & who they want to be, while also holding their feet to the fire to take action & achieve incredible results. As a Consultant & Trust Expert, I help organizations take their culture & team performance to the next level in a psychologically safe, fun, & highly effective way. Prior to taking the leap to actualize my dream of starting The Perk, I was the VP of People Ops & Culture at a remote-first Health IT company. Actually, I started out as their VP of Finance & Operations, was tasked with taking over People Ops, & quickly realized that, while I was a fantastic CPA, people, culture, leadership & team development were my calling. It was there that I got to quickly learn, grow, build, develop, & scale a remote operations function focused on strengthening trust, communication, alignment, employee engagement, & productivity in order to achieve our mission & vision. I also started & run Culture Community - a non-profit organization that brings people passionate about being great leaders & intentionally building great cultures together to connect, learn, grow, & take action to make our teams, our cultures, & ourselves better. Bottom line: I'm here, & excited, to help you take your leadership, culture, team, & life to the next level!

Shana has been life-long advocate for authenticity and human connection. She has served in many roles in her professional career, most commonly as a teacher. She has worked with children from preschool to high school locally and abroad, run her own consulting business and has for several years taught adult education both collegiately and corporately. The subject matter Shana teaches has varied from art, design, personal branding, sales, communication, customer service, leadership, emotional intelligence, mental health and emotional well-being. A salient thread throughout her career, regardless of subject matter, is “believe in yourself and in the power of human connection”.   Beyond her degrees in education and design, Shana holds certifications in Mental Health First Aid, Emotional CPR, Grief Support Specialist, and is currently completing a 200-hour trauma-informed Social Emotional Learning and Yoga Teacher training. Her 2020 TEDx talk titled “Generation R – Can Today’s Youth be Taught Resilience?” can be found at   She holds dual citizenship and travels to Italy annually to be with family abroad. She is a proud mom of a 6th grader and a kindergartener. They are her heart and soul. 

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