• HR Resource Groups

HR Resource Groups are informal networks of HR professionals, those who support HR professionals and individuals who may be responsible for HR activities within their organizations. Their backgrounds may or may not have common themes such as industry, role within organization, or HR discipline/competency. These individuals come together on a regular basis to address their emerging HR challenges. Group members do this by sharing information, seeking advice, and providing support and tangible resources to one another. Each group also explores best practices in the focused domain of the HR Resource Group.
HR Resource Groups are peer-led and managed under the auspices of the GMA SHRM Programming Committee. Their goal is to provide GMA SHRM members with unique needs and challenges the practical solutions and support they need to be successful. The only qualification for membership is that you be a GMA SHRM member.
If you would like GMA SHRM to assist you in starting a new HR Resource Group focused around specific needs and interests that could best be met through the peer-to-peer sharing, contact GMA SHRM’s Vice President of Programming.

HR Advice Network Groups
Currently there are multiple HR Advice Network Groups that have been formed. These groups meet monthly on a regular schedule and interact via e-mail daily to share ideas and ask questions of one another.
We welcome new members! For more information about these groups please contact Mary Jo Spiekerman at 608-252-9648 or maryjo.spiekerman@hausmann-johnson.com and Kathy Konichek at 608-443-2225 or konichekk@firstweber.com. who co-lead the groups.