• Mission, Vision, & Values



To offer Madison area HR professionals high quality professional development and networking opportunities with the goal to educate, share ideas, shape experiences, and build lasting relationships.



Equip and inspire HR professionals to lead and build a better workplace and community.



Our values are our core beliefs that drive our behavior and decision making in all of our endeavors. We are committed to (being):

  • Business Oriented
    We are committed to the continued development of "business acumen" in order to enhance and advance our members' role as a trusted advisor and effective business partner.
  • Collaborative & Inclusive
    Our members are the heart of our chapter. We value and encourage the active engagement and interaction of all chapter members - from students to executives - to better connect the human resources community.
  • Good Stewards
    The Chapter has a responsibility to the members and the organizations they represent to act in a professional, ethical and fiscally responsible manner. The Chapter volunteer leaders will model these behaviors and encourage the same in order to enhance the credibility and value of the HR profession.
  • Promoting Life-Long Learning
    We will encourage members to continually grow and develop professionally through the encouragement and support of their attainment of the highest standards of competence in the HR profession.

GMA SHRM Standards

We measure our success in the following ways:

  • Member satisfaction.
  • Resources and services provided to our membership.
  • Quality outcomes in programming, resources, etc.
  • Investments of time and money in the membership that have a payoff for the member as well as their organization.


GMA SHRM Chapter Bylaws


GMA SHRM Code of Professional Ethics