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Tuesday, August 11, 2020


Mike Saraille - Extreme Ownership: Combat Leadership for Business and Life

A true leader takes 100% ownership of everything in their domain, including the outcome and everything that affects it. This is the most fundamental building block of leadership that cuts across all other principles. It applies to leadership at any level, in any organization.

The laws of combat were learned on the battlefield of Ramadi, but they apply everywhere. Whether in business, personal, or life implementing the four laws of combat are required to succeed.

  • Cover and Move,
  • Simple,
  • Prioritize and Execute, and
  • Decentralized Command:
These are the laws that lead to winning!
You Canít Say That! Strategies to master diversity in a new decade, Liz Nead

It can sometimes feel, no matter where you turn, you are offending someone. So much so, we now ask the ďoffendedĒ to lighten up and not take us so seriously. Itís clear our words have power and itís also become apparent we arenít always sure how to use this instrument for good.

In her presentation,  "You canít say that.Ē Liz shares ten things we say that widen the diversity gap. Even with the best of intentions to connect, these statements make it harder to gain common ground and can cause irreparable harm to others personally and professionally.

Prepare yourself for bold humor and disarming dialogue as Liz gives you tools to become more effective in your communication with others and face the fears of saying the wrong thing. She equips you with five essential strategies to handle complex and diverse situations and important language to create connection under pressure. 


  • Positive insights into the WHYíS behind the WHAT NOT TO SAY.
  • How to create a healthy space for curiosity around diversity.
  • Valuable tools to investigate other cultures without offending.
  • Simple language to diffuse difficult situations.




HR Legal Update, Including Employment Issues Related to COVID-19, Jennifer Mirus and Brian Goodman, Boardman & Clark Law Firm

Legal issues surrounding employment continue to evolve particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic.  State and federal laws, regulations, and guidance are coming out at a rapid pace.  HR professionals need to keep abreast of these changes and assess how these changes might impact their organization going forward.
The Annual Employment Law Update will provide an overview of recent developments in several major areas of employment law related to COVID-19 including FFCRA paid leave, unemployment benefits, and issues related to laying off and returning employees to work.  Additionally, this update will provide information about employment law developments unrelated to COVID-19 including major U.S. Supreme Court cases involving LGBTQ+ employees and the preservation of the DACA program, as well as new regulations and guidance on wage and hour issues.  The session is designed to help you identify the issues you need to know to be an effective business partner in your organization. 

Participants will learn:
  1. Key federal and state legislative and regulatory developments surrounding COVID-19, including surrounding FFCRA paid leave; 
  2. New regulations and administrative guidance relating to wage and hour issues; and
  3. The implications of U.S. Supreme Court decisions surrounding LGBTQ+ employees and employees covered by the DACA program. 
 Wednesday, August 12, 2020




Mike Saraille -  Decisiveness Amid Uncertainty: Leading During a Crisis

Effective leaders take extreme ownership, but are not extreme in their attitudes or actions. They balance the forces that pull them in opposite directions.

The Mindsets for Victory and Balancing Dichotomies  -  The key to effective leadership is balance. Leaders will constantly be faced with opposing forces that must be balanced in order to succeed.

We discuss how to identify and constantly make adjustments to those opposing forces to lead every member of your team effectively.


  2:00   Employee Benefits: Perspective After the World Changed Before Our Eyes - Mike Johnson, Hausmann-Johnson Insurance

In only a few months, the coronavirus pandemic has upended the daily lives of people around the world. This experience will likely change the world at work for years to come, if not permanently.
Three areas to watch as things continue to evolve:
  • The impacts on employees benefits in an increasingly remote workforces.
  • What new benefits come out of this, what traditional benefits become obsolete.
  • Re-Thinking the new employee experience.

Talent Attraction, Engagement, and Rewards in the New World of Work:, Summer Rector and Nicki McCurdy, The QTI Group

COVID-19 has accelerated changes, introduced new challenges, and forced many of us to rethink fundamental concepts in the world of work.  Employers with reduced total rewards budgets are challenged to do more with less to retain talent.  Those with a predominantly remote workforce are challenged to attract and engage employees virtually.  Attracting, engaging, and rewarding talent is more important than ever, but how should we change our approach to be more effective?  Join us as we discuss actionable strategies to help you succeed in the new world of work.
  • Learn how employers are adjusting compensation/benefits amidst COVID-19
  • Learn best practices in virtual recruitment
  • Learn effective ways to optimize productivity and engagement of a remote workforce










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