• Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Resources Page

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GMA SHRM’s mission is to offer members a variety of professional development opportunities and an environment in which to share ideas, experiences, and building lasting relationships.

Recent events have brought many challenges.  Along with concerns about health came social unrest around race and equality.   The social unrest and calls for awareness continue and shine light to the importance of being human and kind.
As a result of member surveys asking for Diversity, Equality and Inclusion, our Diversity Committee has created this DEI resource page to provide learning materials, recommendations, resources, and tools.  All members may contribute to this page, we have many opportunities where you can share with our members. You may email Diversity Director, Mary Vesely at mmvesely3@gmail.com if you have any contributions/recommendations or suggestions. After all, this is meant for all of you and we want to make the most out of this space!
Feel free to check out Madison HR Chat too – a space dedicated for our members as an open forum to ask questions and reply with recommendations and suggestions to other questions.

Click here to view our DEI Resource Guide  Keep an eye on this link for updates!

Click here to view or download the 2024 Diversity Observances Calendar.